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Mr. Qi Zhang ( 張琦 ): As an air quality engineer/consultant, Qi has worked with clients in the petroleum refineries, cement plants, power plants, fertilizer manufacturing operations, chemical plants, metal foundries, carbon black plants, waste processing and storage facilities, mines, quarries, etc. His core experience includes air dispersion modeling, air quality permitting, and emission quantification. Mr. Zhang’s expertise also includes stack testing, ambient air quality monitoring, noise monitoring and modeling, and wastewater bio-toxicity analysis. His research experience at the University of Florida includes aerosol filtration and bio-aerosol disinfection by microwave. He has published peer-viewed papers and made public presentations at international and local conferences. Mr. Zhang is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Texas and Louisiana, U.S.A.

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Dr. Eddy Lee

Dr. Tai-Chang Shih

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