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Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA), founded in 1983, is a non-profit and non-political Chinese professional organization in the petroleum industry.  CAPA is dedicated to providing value-added services and promoting continuing education, technical exchange, and career development of its members. 

Based in Houston, Texas, CAPA attracts Chinese professionals worldwide from major oil companies, independent oil and gas organizations, related service entities, and research institutes and universities. CAPA currently has over 1,600 members in exploration, production, refining, petrochemical and other petroleum related law and business fields.  The majority of CAPA members holds advanced degrees and has extensive experience in their fields of expertise.

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Be a member of one of the most successful Chinese American Professional organization in the United States.  Enhance your network through contacts with the more than 1,500 CAPA professionals in the US, mainland China and Taiwan.

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WeChat ID (微信号): CAPA 2015


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